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In the Unwind Section of activities below, we invite you to try these free resources to relax, stretch and enjoy your down time while at home! Compiled with best wishes from the Memory Café team.

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Music & Radio

We had music and singing (and even some dancing) at some of our Memory Cafés because they can be really fun ways to increase your well-being and to improve your mood. We hope you can use the links we included here to enjoy music and more from the comfort of your home! You are welcome to move with the music at our live Memory Cafés, but here you are free to sing and dance with nobody watching!

Did you know there is an online radio station called Venice Classico which plays 2 channels of beautiful classical music anytime of day or night? You can listen for free at www.veniceclassicradio.eu

During the Covid-19 pandemic, while we ran all our Memory Cafés online, musicians under quarantine also gathered together to play (and sing) their favorite pieces online. From peaceful springtime songs to energetic Beethoven flash mobs, their clips helped to lift people’s spirits.

We hope you will enjoy them in your living room:


There’s also this link that has lots of radio & podcasts and offers more variety outside of the great links to classical music that we already have featured. It is also free. Here is the link: http://www.radio-canada-online.com/.  

Note that you can view stations from around the world by simply clicking on a country's flag at the bottom of the page.

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga

10-Minute GENTLE Chair Yoga

A 10 minute exercise sequence done completely while seated. There are short breathing exercises at the beginning and end of the video. Developed by the therapists in the Toronto Rehab, Brain and Spinal Cord LEAP Service.

Chair Yoga 30

30-Minute Chair Yoga

This 30-minute chair exercise is designed with 3 variations. Square breathing and alternate nostril breathing exercises are also included. Developed by the therapists in the Toronto Rehab, Brain and Spinal Cord LEAP Service.

The French website MOVE50PLUS is an interactive platform, free of charge and without subscription, to promote physical activity for people over 50. They created a very nice chair yoga video (22 min.) that you can find here:


If you would like to learn more about the science of well-being, there is an excellent podcast series by Yale professor Dr Laurie Santos called The Happiness Lab at www.happinesslab.fm. Dr Santos explores the science behind well-being and some of what she talks about is surprising! Her most recent podcasts address anxiety and ideas for handling some of the challenges we are currently facing.


This year Memory Café NS will offer a mix of virtual and in-person cafes. For our current series, click here: Series 5 Home Page.

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