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Memory Café Series 3

Roadside Attractions

Please feel free to use this 5 session series to launch a virtual or in person Memory Café in your community!

Welcome to Roadside Attractions- a virtual hiking tour around Nova Scotia using a series of images by artists living in rural areas of Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley. To learn more about this year's artists, please visit the Art and Music section.

How each session unfolds: After welcome and introductions, each session features laminates of 2 contrasting art images (seen below) which are passed around the room to launch non memory-based conversation. The themes usually invite comments and stories that are personal and meaningful for participants, especially as people get to know each other. Then there is a 20-minute musical guest at in-person cafes, or an interactive art session. Informal conversation happens afterward for those who’d like to stay and chat. Usually the events start at 2:30-3:30 but may continue to 4 pm informally.

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Backyard Trees

Finding a Path

With Musical Guest

session 2

Transitions & New Beginnings

Virtual Claymaking

session 3

Family & Friends

Valentine's Day

session 4

Creating Your Own Adventure


Peaceful River

Getting Away & Staying Home