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Fun With Nature!

A Memory Café series featuring

the art work of Maud Lewis

Please feel free to use this 5 session series to launch a virtual or in person Memory Café in your community!

This series consists of five 1-1.5 hour sessions held either virtually or in person approximately once a month. Generally groups have 1-2 facilitators and should be consist of a maximum of 20 participants (persons with memory challenges and family members or caregivers). This number ensures all voices have a chance to be heard and that everyone has the opportunity to socialize. Each session follows a basic structure of art sharing, followed by musical entertainment, storytelling and casual conversation.


Maud Lewis 1

Enjoying the Seasons

Featuring local musical entertainment

session 2

Outdoor Adventures

With Guest Artist Holly Carr

session 3

Family & Friends

With live music from Chrissy Crowley and Colin Grant

session 4

Connecting & Sharing

Featuring sculpture artist:

Elizabeth Sircom


Maud Lewis 7

Transitions and New Beginnings

Featuring local musical entertainment