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Memory Café Series 1


Out East!

Featuring the Folk Art of Maud Lewis

Please feel free to use this series to launch a virtual or in-person Memory Café in your community!

This series consists of four 1-1.5 hour sessions held either virtually or in-person. Generally groups have 1-2 facilitators and consist of a maximum of 20 participants total to ensure all voices have a chance to be heard. Each session follows a basic structure of art sharing, followed by musical entertainment or an interactive workshop, storytelling, and casual conversation. This series includes a chair yoga video.

Links to the interactive workshops are provided below and a "Pick Your Music Video" button takes you to a choice of Memory Café performances by Nova Scotian musicians. We recommend that facilitators download the PDF and video for each session ahead of time to prevent internet or bandwidth issues. Display them full-screen to give participants the best viewing experience.

Special thanks to The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia for permission to show these Maud Lewis paintings taken from their 2020 Maud Lewis calendar.


Maud Lewis Summer

Seasons: Winter and Spring

Featuring local music entertainment

session 2

Out and About

Featuring local music entertainment

session 3

Sharing & Nurturance

With Chair Yoga

session 4

New Beginnings

Featuring local music entertainment