Cross Borders

Memory Café Cross Borders Project

Towards a Dementia-friendly Canada

Would you like to launch a memory café in your community? A welcoming place where people living with dementia and their care partners and families can connect and unwind in their own communities? Join our Memory Café Cross Borders Project! 

Cross borders tool kit

As a partner in the Cross Borders Project, you will receive free resources and “how-to” support to launch and successfully sustain a memory café in your community anywhere in Canada.

Tool kit includes...

  • Twinning support: your municipality or group will be twinned with an existing community already hosting successful memory cafes for direct support
  • A 5 part memory café series designed to promote inclusion of all group members regardless of memory challenges
  • Downloadable art that can be used in your memory café to launch nonmemory-based conversation
  • Recorded musical experiences designed for memory café use
  • Access to startup resources including: how to host a memory café, access community funding for treats and to pay musicians and other memory café guests.
  • Access to quality assurance questionnaires and support from the Memory Café Cross Borders Team.