Cross Borders


Memory Café Cross Borders Project

Towards a Dementia-friendly Canada

Do you live outside of Nova Scotia and would like to launch a memory café in your community? Join our Memory Café Cross Borders Project! We can help support your work with free resources.

Cross Borders Tool Kit!

As a partner in the Cross Borders Project, you will receive free resources and “how-to” support to launch and successfully sustain a memory café in your community anywhere in Canada.

Tool kit includes...

  • Twinning support: your municipality or group will be twinned with an existing community already hosting successful memory cafes for direct support
  • A 5 part memory café series designed to promote inclusion of all group members regardless of memory challenges
  • Downloadable art that can be used in your memory café to launch nonmemory-based conversation
  • Recorded musical experiences designed for memory café use
  • Access to startup resources including: how to host a memory café, access community funding for treats and to pay musicians and other memory café guests.

Click here to view more of the Memory Café toolkit resources available to you.